Marcel Ruben Finearts

Technique used

  • Finding and trying different composition's of objects. This can be anything from food, portret or objects of daily life situations.
  • Based on the composition make the measurements for the MDF panel or other choice of wood(s)
  • The grounding of the panel is based on a standard alkyd grounding. Make sure this is not an absorbent grounding
  • Creating a grid on the canvas to position the composition. Mostly this will be in the middle of the panel.
  • Creating a sketch where we will define the composition and where we want any additional markings
  • Now we will start our first layer. This will be a thinned oil paint(s) with mineral spirits. These are special selected paints.
  • After the first layer is dry we will start with the final layer, sometimes we will have a third layer as well.

Technique explained with a video

How to paint an vermeer full tutorial